Before this day if anybody were to tell me they had a peacock themed wedding I would respond with “WHAT?! Peacocks at a wedding? No way.” But Kent and Brianna really proved that this can be an AWESOME theme and they wore it so well!

Their theme was also a really great expression of how fun of a couple they are! Throughout the whole day you could see the excitement and joy flow through this couple, especially after they were MARRIED!!! They even choreographed a super fun first dance which you can check out below!

As a wedding photographer a lot of people ask me if I ever get tired of weddings and how I handle the intensity of weddings all the time and truthfully, it is because I get excited about seeing two people in love and getting to meet new couples with different relationship qualities all the time is amazing to me and I learn SO much from it. I cannot express my gratitude to have been a part of the joining of this amazing couple in marriage.

Now go check out this amazing peacock themed wedding!

DRESS: David’s Bridal

FLOWERS: Off Broadway

HAIR: Posh

RINGS: Kay Jewelers

CAKE TOP: Tier Cakes


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