If you know me, you know that one of my absolute favorite details to include in a photoshoot is sunlight. I love the way sun makes a couple glow. It even seems to capture the emotion of a photo even more. Fortunately the sun was absolutely AMAZING during this photoshoot and I was able to capture these two pretty well!

I loved this shoot because it gives a really good example of what and how I love to photograph. I love to make my couples feel naturally posed rather than placing them in a pose that may feel awkward to them. SO many of my couples will start off by saying that they are awkward and they are afraid that they will look awkward in photos. And THIS was one of them! If I do say so myself, they truly do not look awkward at all and have SUCH a natural look to them!

I also love back lit photographs. When I first started photographing couples I would sometimes photograph with direct sunlight on their faces and to be honest it is not really ever a good idea. It mostly just provides harsh shadows and no glow. Now I will only shoot back lit or in the shade unless I am in an abnormal situation.

Now that you’ve heard a bit about how I like to photograph, enjoy seeing some photos of this awesome couple!



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